– Do not shout at the child – children tend to hide other injuries from u
– Pay attention to the wound – not to the history as what happened immediately
– Give tight compression with a clean cloth
– Do not use cotton – it’ll stick to the raw wound , difficult to cleanup later
– Do not apply ink / holy ash / dosa batter / coffee powder to arrest the bleeding
– Simple pressure with a clean cloth will suffice to stop the active bleeding
– Do not try to open / reopen the wound to exhibit every person possible around .
– Tightly wrap the wound with clean cloth & get the child to the doctor – he will open the wound & assess the depth of the wound for suturing .
– If it is a contaminated wound with mud particles / some other eatables – pls do clean the wound in running tap water immediately
– Running water will trigger loss of blood from the wound – do not panic – cleanse it to clear all visible particles from wound & wrap it with clean cloth
– Once pressure dressing is applied – do not disturb it until u reach for medical help

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