– Children are more likely to get infection of skin & subcutaneous tissue
– Any sweat with dirt in children will cause itching if they aren’t given bath twice daily
– This skin scratching will lead on to skin infection frequently
– If u identify any redness with pain in any area – pls take advice of Doctor for oral antibiotics
– This is caught early will resolve with oral medicines only
– This is attended later after 4-5 days , it will cause spread in infection to the nodes draining that area .
– This can organize & collect pus in the area involved .
– Hot water fomentation will alleviate the pain & get the infection better organized .
– This is similar to the nailbed infection u come across
– Once pus is organized , it will require incision & drainage .
– Topical home remedies like honey / tumeric can open the cavity – but it will not drain the cavity completely
– Pus will create intense pain to the child
– This will induce fever also for the child
– Pus needs a formal drainage & cleaning up of the cavity .
– If it drains spontaneously , it will continue to drain for more number of days with pus & fever
– This needs to be treated with antibiotics for 1week minimum with proper drainage
– If the boil or abcess recurs at the same place , then pay attention to the hygiene of that area or it may be an incomplete drainage of the previous abcess .
– The soap which the child uses if not suitable for him with excess oil production in skin – can lead on to clogging the skin pores & lead to recurrent infection .
– If it becomes deeper infection of the nodes , it requires antibiotics for a longer period
– Again , nodes can organize pus if the infection is severe – it will also need a formal incision & drainage of the same .

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